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EP06: Mama Margeret of Afroshop Tropical Markt – 25 Years of Making Life Matter in Berlin.

For 25 years, Madam Margaret Opambour-Adjei has run the Afroshop Tropical Markt, in Neukölln Berlin, where she sells foodstuffs,...

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EP05: Dalit, A Quest For Dignity – Relating Image-Making to World-Making Through a Photo Book

In this Episode, Emeka Okereke (Berlin) connects, through a phone conversation, with Diwas Raja (Kathmandu) – writer, scholar and...

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EP04: It Takes Many Trees to Make a Forest – Tribute to Tony Allen

To dedicate a conversation to Tony Allen is to recall the rich history of African Music, unsurpassed wit and...

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EP06: “My father always told me that only Love is above the law” Nkata with Uche James Iroha

One cannot exhaustively and informatively review the history of contemporary Nigerian photography without frequently returning to the name Uche...

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EP02: Neukölln to Bariga from a Bird’s View

Features: Innocent Ekejiuba /Oladimeji Olasoju /Ade Bantu (Lagos, Nigeria) Host: Emeka Okereke (Berlin, Germany). Episode two of DoT is...

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EP01: Social Distancing and Its Sides of The Coin

This debut episode of Dots of Thoughts takes as a prompt an essay I wrote in reference to the...

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