EP19: Polyrhythmic Weavings Across Countries, Continents, and Time – with Batila

This episode takes you on an auditory pilgrimage with the Berlin-based, musician, Batila,  weaving the essence of his Congolese and Angolan heritage into a rich narrative that dances between the notes of his latest album, “Tatamana.” As Batila unpacks his life’s journey from Germany to the cultural depths of his upbringing, we discover how a childhood migration shaped not only his reality but also the very music that he breathes into existence.

Batila’s convictions resonate as he insists on music as a vessel for storytelling, a self-acclaimed Griot channelling his energy of crossroads between time and space that underscores his outlook in life. We explore his philosophy that songs must be born from significance, enveloped in the authenticity and depth of his artistry. His first album, a celebration of Black love and unity, stands as a testament to his craft, every carefully composed piece reflecting his dedication to delivering not just sound, but an experience. The high-resolution audio of “Tatamana” invites listeners to not just hear but feel the music, as we discuss how Batila’s meticulous attention to detail crafts not only songs but a movement.

Join us for an inspiring session that transcends melody and tinkers with the realms of spirituality and healing. Batila shares his vision for his upcoming album “Pavé,” aiming to connect listeners in a collective trance of togetherness. We close with “Resurrection,” a track symbolizing hope and peace, capturing the essence of our discussion. It’s a fitting end to our journey with Batila, where each note is a step towards understanding the unbreakable bond between sound, identity, ideology and the eternal quest for inner peace.

Host: Emeka Okereke
Guest: Batila
Production: Atelier E.K Okereke
Cover Photo: Natasha Morokhova

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