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NKATA is an Igbo word from the language spoken by the Igbo people of Nigeria. It simply means "Conversation".

Hosted ByEmeka Okereke

NKATA is an Igbo word from the language spoken by the Igbo people of Nigeria. It simply means “Conversation”. Thus this podcast series will feature conversations with selected individuals (artists, cultural operators, and creatives) whose work I have known – some over many years and others, a little less so. What sets them apart is that I consider them and their works to be compelling, engaging and relevant to the time.

The idea of this podcast is to have in-depth but also accessible conversations about who these individuals are, their life’s journeys and how this translates into their vocation as creative people. Conversations will depart from exploring the background of the artists’ personal history while meandering through key themes, positions, and ideologies central to their works. Each episode will feature one conversation with a selected artist.

– Emeka Okereke (Host).

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EP14: “Move one foot in front of the other, and you will find your road”. Nkata with Jide Adeniyi-Jones

Jide Adeniyi-Jones (b. Lagos, 1952) is a Nigerian documentary photographer based in Lagos and Washington, DC. He credits the English photographer John Vickers for paving his way into photography...

Ep13: “When I use the term Afropolitanism, it refers to the “becoming planetary” of our predicament.” Nkata with Achille Mbembe.

In this conversation, moderated by host Emeka Okereke, the Cameroonian philosopher takes the listener on a journey across some personal experiences, thoughts, events and projections that animated his work and life.

EP12: “We are workers of the Spirit”. Nkata with Koyo Kouoh

Koyo Kouoh (b. 1967) is a Cameroonian-born curator. She is a leading figure in the Contemporary art world. More specifically, she is one of the pioneers who helped shape and articulate contemporary art practices from the African continent and beyond. In this conversation with host Emeka Okereke, Koyo leaves nuggets of wisdom. Her words are a beacon, just as they are a backbone for those interested in the wealth of hindsight.

EP11: “We were brought up to strive for Eloquence”. Nkata with Olu Oguibe

Olu Oguibe (b.1964) is a Nigerian-born American artist and academic. His work constitutes a pillar of what we now know as Contemporary African art and post-colonial studies. In conversation with Emeka Okereke, Oguibe relives childhood memories while weaving a rich and expansive tapestry of his artistic trajectory.

EP10: We are trying to remember the future and rewrite the past. Nkata with Qudus Onikeku

In episode 10 of Nkata: Art & Processes, Emeka Okereke is in Conversation with Qudus Onikeku (b. 1984, Lagos), a Nigerian contemporary dancer, performer and Choreographer. He has been...

EP09: “Water will always find its crack”. Nkata with Ahmet Öğüt

Ahmet Öğüt (b.1981, Diyarbakir, Turkey) is a conceptual artist living and working in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He works with a broad range of media including video, photography, installation, drawing and...

EP08: “If I write for them, it means I am removing myself from my source”. Nkata with Niq Mhlongo

Niq Mhlongo (b. 1973, Soweto) is a South African writer born in Johannesburg. Today, he is considered “one of the most high-spirited, irreverent voices of post-apartheid South African literary...

EP07: “Our subalterns have not sold out; our youngsters have not sold out”. Nkata with Shahidul Alam

Shahidul Alam (b.1955) is a Bangladeshi photojournalist, teacher and social activist. He has been a photographer for more than 40 years. His life and work can invariably be summarised as a service to society, culture and humanity. While in Dhaka in February 2020, Emeka Okereke visited Alam at his home – same apartment from which he was arrested and thrown in jail in 2018. This episode is the result of their extensive conversation about his life and work – his childhood, parents, family and dedication to social justice in Bangladesh.

EP06: “My father always told me that only Love is above the law” Nkata with Uche James Iroha

One cannot exhaustively and informatively review the history of contemporary Nigerian photography without frequently returning to the name Uche James Iroha (B.1972, Enugu). Since 1999, Uche’s ideology, activities and...