EP01: “I wonder as I wander” with Akinbode Akinbiyi

In this debut episode of NKATA, Emeka Okereke is in conversation with Akinbode Akinbiyi.

Akinbiyi (b.1946) is a Berlin-based Nigerian photographer, writer, curator and educator who has been working in the art world/ creative field for over four decades. This conversation touches on several aspects of his life and practice beginning with moments and events that led to and spurred his vocation as an artist.

Some noteworthy anchors of the conversation include: the photographer as a wanderer; movement: being grounded while moving;  the act of “listening in”; the inner voice/inner eyes; photography and writing; analog photography in relation to digital; photography as a tool for the expansion of perspectives, but also for ordering and othering; the artist as activist; spirituality: beyond the material world; archiving, posterity, legacy; art and photography as life’s journey; “the young shall grow”: the future and the next generation.

This conversation is a canvas upon which various layers of Akinbiyi’s valuable insights, wisdom and sensitivity, accrued over the years, are – true to his nature – unobtrusively stretched out.

Are you curious as to who Akinbode Akinbiyi is? Are you an artist filled with unanswered questions about how to cope or stay true to your creative process? What about those who simply want to get a glimpse of how the artist, through personal experiences, weaves logic together by which he remains ever dedicated to his passion, profession, and vocation?

This episode of NKATA is for you. Enjoy it!



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2 comments on “EP01: “I wonder as I wander” with Akinbode Akinbiyi

  1. Thank you for this inspiring talk. Many insights offered, stories rendered in full color, anyone in the creative fields; painting- dancing-poetry-sculpture-filmmaking will draw meaningful insights from Akinbode. The analogue discussion was nice to hear about a camera with no electrical parts I had a Canon TX I loved using it on a tripod in very cold and hot conditions, it even fell apart at the lens housing once with no effect on my pictures. The camera was stolen now I use a very limited and humble ‘flip phone’ as my camera!

    1. Blaize says:

      Great insight to the world of photography i must say. As an artist, Uncle B has through this out-pouring of his vast knowledge of photography, set me a more clearer path as a photographer with the concept of “listening in” inner eye and inner voice way of looking at my photography and how much a tool photography is.

      Thank you Nwokem Emeka and uncle B for the revelation, It’s a must listen for every/any artist i must.

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