EP01: Social Distancing and Its Sides of The Coin

This debut episode of Dots of Thoughts takes as a prompt an essay I wrote in reference to the notion of social distancing and its many undertones especially in the context of Berlin, Europe where I am currently observing the lockdown. Invited to join the conversation, through a phone call, is Mathangi Krishnamurthy, a colleague and a dear friend based in Chennai, South of India. We ruminated on the nature of social distancing in a densely populated city such as Chennai;  a city where tactile communal interaction is not only important but central to existence. How are people making sense of the viability of social distancing? What does it mean beyond the “one-line mantra for the entire world” as she calls it? How is social distancing understood across lines of class and privilege?

What do we do with our time now that we have been forced, albeit for a few weeks, to live in it in ways contrary to our habitual routine?

Furthermore, will the world grasp the most needful lesson this crisis presents to us?

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To read the essay from which this conversation sprang, see here

– Emeka Okereke


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2 comments on “EP01: Social Distancing and Its Sides of The Coin

  1. Peter says:

    I found it very interesting. I listened from beginning to end. I also liked the spontaneity of just being yourself. Well done. Keep it up.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your comment, and for the compliment. Glad you enjoyed it

      warmest regards,

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