EP09: Time does not pass. We, on the other hand, pass through it – and make forms of it (Part 2) with Jude Anogwih

“I am looking at Time as an element of art, an element of expression not as a clock or calendar. I am looking at the capacity you have as an individual to define a progression of your existence and your event.”

In this episode, which continues our reflection on Time, Emeka Okereke is in conversation with Jude Anogwih. It opens with Anogwih’s proposition to think of Time as an element, an interactive material for expression and agency. From here on, the conversation takes the form of open-ended questions serving to broaden horizons, while acting as mirrors that do not only reflect ourselves to us but calls for the inclusion of the reflection of others into our views of the future.

While the aim is to discuss Time beyond its quantifiable entrapping, there are few pointers in the conversation which serve as support structures for thoughts explored:

“The concept of difference, of becoming of multiplicity, of diversity, of equity – these are things that are resonating today. How do we create a society that reflects all and not one?”

“I am always reluctant [to align with] the idea of “the future”. But I am interested in the idea of “future generations” because these are more of minds. How do we shape minds that will understand and accept the dynamics and changes of Time?”

“Sometimes, we look at the future from our individual myopic reflection; we are not asking ourselves: how do we bring in the reflection of others into that future?”

“To understand and comment on Time is like trying to embrace the sea or trying to give a full hug to the ocean.”

“There is a lot we are rethinking: the concept of difference, but also the whole idea of becoming”.

“This different interactive concept of Time is what I, as an
artist, look at. The dynamics of it all; how it defines today, and now and, possibly, the future we are trying to shape.”

How do we accept what we are not familiar with?”

“How do we live and thrive in the unprecedented?”

“How do we create this amazing flower of sadness that will help others to be hopeful, and remind me of where I was and what I want myself to experience next?

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