Easy, Now: Reflections on Tension in Creation by Kay Ugwuede

Prelude When we imagine the biblical creation story, we liken the moments before God says let there be light to a blank canvas; a white piece of linen stretched tight over a wooden frame standing on an easel waiting on the artist to come to it with stories, soul, candour, and colour. We liken it…

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Reflections on Akinbode’s ‘Wanderings’ by Sheriff Tahiru

I write down these thoughts as a continuation of reflections triggered by a podcast conversation between Emeka Okereke and Akinbode Akinbiyi. I was struck deeply by the theme and the terrain their conversation explored – I wonder as I wander. A conversation between creatives is itself a work of art. But this one conversation is…

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Nkata Episode 4 with Otobong Nkanga: Video Excerpt

Episode 04 of Nkata features 117 mins conversation between Emeka Okereke (host) and the visual/performance artist Otobong Nkanga. Here is a 10 mins video excerpt of the conversation. The full podcast can be found here.  Also available on your preferred podcast platform. Click the subscribe button on the home page of this website to access…

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